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From: Rob Hoek
Subject: Drive_In Movie(Cont'd)Drive-In Movie (Cont'd)
Storyguy22AUTHOR NOTE:
I wrote the 13 years porn pictures first part of this story as an intended one-part story. Given
the unexpected amount of reader response to it, it seems only right to
continue the adventures of Ryan and Rob a bit further. Many thanks to all
who responded, and I hope part 2 measures up.(2) Driving home from the movie an uncomfortable quiet seemed almost
deafeningly loud in the car. Rob sat quietly, still savoring both the
experience of sucking off his friend, and the lingering taste of his creamy
cum in his mouth. His mind raced, wondering what the silent Ryan might be
thinking as he drove. Not that Rob felt any kind of regret, quite the contrary actually, since
sucking Ryan had long been his secret desire and he was definitely glad it
had finally happened. The silent thing was what had him bugged, and he
wished that Ryan would say something, anything. He turned his head to look
at Ryan, and Ryan glanced his way, a small and sort of sheepish smile
curling up his mouth as he said, "What...?" yearfreepics Rob shrugged, turning to face forward again as he replied quietly, "Nothing, I guess...just kind of wondering if you...hate me now...or
what." Ryan chuckled, reaching over to gently punch Rob's arm as he told him, "Hate you...?...don't think so, Dude...I mean, wow...how does a guy hate
his best bud...especially when he just...got to be even more... special?" Rob felt himself blush, but the comment went a long way to allay the
butterflies that were flittering in his stomach, and he chuckled softly as
he asked, "Really...?...so it's all good then...?...you don't think that I'm some
fag because I wanted to suck you off?" Ryan laughed, and replied, "Fag...?...jeez Dude...is that term still in play...?...I thought it was
PC these days to say gay...but hey, whatever...all I can tell you my man is
that that was the most amazingly good young 16 years pics
thing I have ever felt...ever...hell,
I thought that the couple of times that that slut Carol Dobbs shoved her
hand inside my shorts and jerked me off was the killer event of my
life...shit...no way does that even get close to how good you just made me
feel Dude...not even close!" Rob went hot charles goodyear rubber
faced again, loving Ryan's enthusiasm while at the same
time he was unable to not define himself as a cocksucker, and worse, a
cocksucker who had loved it, and couldn't wait to do it again. Gay...?...he
thought, am I...?...never actually thought of it that way...not really 14 years porn grats sure
about that right now...just really sure that I want to feel that hard, hot
cock in my mouth again, and feel and taste it shooting like a freaking
water cannon, gay or not. Turning to look at Ryan he flashed a silly grin,
and said, "Okay then...so faggot...gay...cocksucker...whatever...the truth is, I
loved doing it to you, and I'm really glad it was so intense for you
Ryan...in a good way, I mean...so now, stud-muffin...you want some more of
that action...?...cause I sure do!"
Ryan's head jerked as he looked intently at Rob, gauging his
seriousness, and the hungry expression on Rob's face gave him all the
confirmation he needed so he simply nodded, and answered, "Yea...definitely...I do want more...just say the word, Bud." " The Word!" barked a giggling Rob, and Ryan joined him, cracking up as
he affectionately called him a pervert as he began looking for some
secluded spot to stop the car before Rob had second thoughts, his cock
already filling out in his jeans despite the intense orgasm he had enjoyed
a half hour ago. Spotting a mostly darkened side street, Ryan turned into it, and then
drove to the dead-end of the lane where he stopped, and stopped the
car. Another loud silence filled 13 year kids porno
the car, the only sounds the muffled
traffic sounds from the main road they had exited, and Rob suddenly felt
less brave than he had a moment ago girls 15-17 years toppless as the reality of the situation settled
onto him. He turned, and looked at Ryan a moment before he extended his
arm, and dropped his hand onto Ryan's leg, high 13 year sex foto up on his firm thigh. Ryan
sucked in his breath at the contact, and his hand dropped down to grip
Rob's wrist the same way he had at the drive-in, and he tugged Rob's hand
onto his swollen crotch as he muttered, "Feel how freaking 13 teens years fuck hard I am, Robby...shit...this is, like, so freaking
gay...but fuck it...I want it...I want it bad!" Squeezing and releasing Ryan's rigid cock in his hand Rob looked right
onto Ryan's eyes, and spoke very softly as he said, "Want what, Ryan...what do you want bad...?...tell me!" Ryan exhaled loudly, his hips pressing up to drive his erection into
Rob's groping hand as he muttered, "I want you to suck me, Robby...please Dude...suck my cock...I'm so damn
hard it hurts just thinking about it!" "Yea...and I'm about to drown in my own spit my mouth is watering so
bad...get those jeans children 16 years fucking off, Dude...hurry...I want that big, hard cock right
now!" "Oh Jesus...yea...fuck yea...!" hissed Ryan as he fumbled with his fly,
and quickly slid his jeans and briefs to his knees. His erection leaped free, the wide stalk standing straight up against
his flat stomach while his plump scrotum settled between his 13-16 years nude pic thighs, and
Rob pedo 13 years stared at the mouth watering package a moment. Reaching for it, he
gripped the base of Ryan's cock between finger and thumb and lifted it off
his abdomen as his head dipped down, and his tongue slid out to wash over
the plum-like knob several times. Ryan groaned, yearfreepics
and Rob inhaled the scent
of him as he took the head between 16 years sexy photos his full lips and sucked it. His head
bobbed over the rock hard boyhood as his free hand went to jostle Ryan's
heavy balls, and he slowly engulfed the entire length until he gagged
slightly from the fat knob sticking the back of his throat. "OH fuck...Jesus, that's good!" grunted Ryan as Rob sucked him and
tugged at his balls. Pulling off of the pulsing erection momentarily, Rob glanced up at Ryan
and replied, "Uh huh...it tastes good too...Damn, Ryan, you have such a great cock!" Ryan grinned widely, the visual image of his friend holding his rock
hard cock scant inches from his cute face causing his cock to throb even
harder. Sensing that Ryan was turned-on by watching him manipulate his cock
Rob tugged it closer and then moved the glistening knob of it all over his
face as he stared into Ryan's wide eyes. "Aw, fuck...that looks so freaking hot, Robby...hell, YOU are fucking
hot, Dude...I can't believe this...not any of it!" Rob tongue washed the length of Ryan's tool, and then slid a hand under
his plump ball sack and cradled it as he washed his tongue over the
crinkled pouch. Ryan groaned, his head falling back against the car seat as
Rob licked his balls a bit before moving to resume his steady sucking of
his oozing cock. Up and down he went, his head bobbing over his friend's
tasty young meat and he savored the tartness of Ryan's flowing precum. He
could feel the shaft pulsing against his tongue, and he sensed that another
copious ejaculation was not far off, so he picked up the pace a bit, eager
now to repeat the stunning experience of Ryan's creamy cum erupting into
his mouth. Ryan emitted a steady cadence of low moans of pleasure as Robby
delivered his second-ever blow job, and he gazed in wonder at the bobbing
head at his crotch as he felt the familiar tingling develop deep in his
balls. For a few seconds he wondered how Rob could allow him to eject his
nectar into his mouth but the thought was quickly dismissed as he suddenly
realized that he was about to do just that, his rigid cock swelling harder
still as his ejaculate was released from his aching balls to begin it's
rapid and unstoppable journey through the length of his spasming cock. "Fuck yea...I'm cummin, Dude!" he growled. Rob knew that before Ryan barked it loudly and he quickly positioned his
drooling mouth in the best position to receive the maximum delivery of the
immanent eruption. He was just in time with the maneuver as a split second
later Ryan's thick cock bucked inside his mouth, and a forceful flood of
the vicious, warm fluid filled his mouth to capacity. The force and volume
of the eruption caused Robby to gag briefly, and the automatic restricting
of his throat caused a burst of the slimy stuff to explode into his sinus
cavities so that he ended up snorting the stuff out his nose at the same
time he was gulping down the rest of it. Taking the spent cock deep into
his mouth he tongued it so that he managed to capture the final drizzles of
Ryan's cum, and he savored the smooth texture and taste of it as he
continued to suckle at Ryan's wilting meat until he began pushing his head
away as it all became too sensitive following his stunning orgasm. Rob sat
up, his tongue washing over his lips briefly as he looked into Ryan's
slightly glazed over eyes. On impulse and 13 year blowjob
without really designing to do it
he leaned into Ryan and kissed his lush mouth as he pushed his semen-coated
tongue into his mouth, and Ryan grunted a brief protest before he relaxed,
and actually returned the unexpected kiss, his own tongue mingling with
Robby's as they shared the tangy aftertaste of his ejaculate. After a moment or two, Ryan broke the kiss and pulled back slightly as
the two boys panted loudly as they stared into each others eyes. Ryan
blinked several times, and then finally managed a breathless, "Wow...double-wow...!" Rob smiled shyly, nodding his head as his pulse raced in his veins, and
he thought to himself, wow is right...now I'm not only sucking his cock and
swallowing his load; I'm even turned on by kissing him! Out loud he simply
nodded again, and replied, "Yea, for sure...wow!" A short silence followed as the boys resumed a more normal heart rate
and breathing, and it occurred to Ryan that while he had enjoyed not one
but two extreme orgasms in the last hour or so, his buddy had not had any
sort of relief at all. Somehow that just didn't seem fair, and as squeamish
as he felt about it, or unsure at any rate, he found himself out to explore
Robby's crotch. His hand closed around a very hard erection behind Rob's
jeans, and when he squeezed down on it Rob groaned in pleasure. He jacked
it a little, his curiosity building so quickly that it actually surprised
him, and he surprised himself even more when he heard himself say, "Take it out, Robby...not saying I'm going to suck it, but I want to see
you, and touch you...and make you feel good too." Rob's heart jumped, and he looked down at Ryan's hand groping his
throbbing hard cock, and his lust and excitement seemed to take over his
brain as he quickly worked at the fly of his jeans until his rigid cock was
free and standing in the open. He pedo 13 years
leaned back into the seat, watching
carefully as Ryan stared at the pulsing boyhood a moment before once more
gripping it in his hand. He pumped it slowly, his thumb exploring the
circumcised head as he muttered in a whisper, "Fuck, Robby...it's awesome...so hot and hard...smooth...damn...!" Rob shuddered strongly, every nerve ending in his young body suddenly on
fire as Ryan continued to stroke him steadily, and he could hardly believe
the amazing sensations that coursed through his trembling body. He
shuddered again, and managed to croak out, "Ryan...oh man...that feels...amazing, really...but it's going to make
me...cum!" Ryan felt Robby's cock flex in his grip, and a second later Rob let out
a low growl as his rock 16 year old toppless
hard spasmed 13 year sex foto
strongly and seemed to just explode
with volley after volley of thick, white cum that splattered all over both
of them as Ryan continued to rub it up and down while it was shooting. Ryan
felt the wetness on his hand and fingers, and on impulse he let go of Rob's
spent cock and lifted it to his face, where he slid out his tongue to lick
at the drizzles of warm cum that coated his fingers. Rob watched him
closely, and when Ryan smacked his lips and declared loudly, "Hey...that's
pretty good..." he first smiled, and then grinned widely as he nodded his
agreement, and replied, "Yea...?...cool...I 18 years sexy video
sure thought so, and I'm glad you agree!" Chuckling, Ryan reached out and ran his hand over Robby's soft face as
he young 16 years pics said, "For sure...you know, Dude...we just might be onto something good
here...!" Barely able to believe how well this whole thing had gone, Robby simply
smiled coyly, and asked, "You think...?"(End 13 year kids porno Part 2)
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